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Della Katessen

Drag | Celebrant

She’s free range, always fresh and never shrink wrapped...

Della Katessen is Melbourne's favourite hot chook.

Event Host, Authorised Marriage Celebrant & official drag queen to the Minogue sisters, you know the steaks are high when Della is around.

Della is the creation of Aza Coward who has had over 15 years experience in media and event management. It’s only in recent times that he has discovered the “joys” of wearing makeup and a dress.

Aza’s previous media & radio experience includes on air gigs at Nova, Mix & Fresh FM. He has also graced such roles as Announcer, Producer & General Manager. Working on live radio has helped him be adaptable and perfect for any kind of audience interaction. Add some glitter and a little chapstick and you’ve got Della. A fabulous woman and the perfect host for corporate events and functions both online and in person.

Della is also an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, able to officiate marriages anywhere in Australia. However, you can call her Dellabrant.

Della xo

Della Katessen

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